Project Description

Square Footage of Lacrosse field: 104,314

Product: Legion 2.0+ by Shaw Sports Turf

Location: Misenheimer, NC

Pfieffer University is a Division III private university in North Carolina, affiliated with the United Methodist Church. 

The venue, which was recently upgraded with an artificial turf surface, was originally named after long-time head soccer coach Nicholas E. Lefko, a 1937 graduate who coached at Pfeiffer from 1959-74 and was enshrined as a charter member of the Pfeiffer Sports Hall of Fame in 1990. He also was inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame in 1979. Lefko coached three All-Americans and guided his 1965 team to a 10-1 overall record, leading them to a national ranking. Lefko would serve at Pfeiffer as a coach and professor for 42 years.

The completed turf surface will cut field preparation time for Pfeiffer’s athletic staff, in addition to allowing for improved drainage and safer competition following periods of rainy weather. Tom Mills, son of Coach Randy Mills and new namesake said, “If we didn’t have this turf right now, the rains that we got yesterday would’ve deemed this field unplayable today, and we wouldn’t be here to celebrate our great university and this special place with each other.”  

Lefko-Mills Field has been home to numerous championship teams and we hope many more now.