Project Description

The multi-purpose baseball, lacrosse and football field at Fullers Park is part of a large park and recreation center in the heart of East Cobb County in Marietta, Georgia. This particular field was underutilized because of its shady location. Any heavy rain or inclement weather made the natural turf field unplayable. The Parks department and field crews would wait for days for the fields to dry, making a mess of game and practice schedules for several teams. When the 2020 SPLOST dollars were allocated, the request for synthetic turf was made. As recreational General Contractors, it is very important to us to listen to our clients and then do our best to advise them on their options and to give them the best experience possible, staying on schedule and budget when possible.

Working with Cobb County Parks and Recreation and the Board of Education, ASG built the new multi-use field at Fullers Park, using Shaw Sports Turf. Despite challenging weather setbacks and other “acts of nature” we were able to work with our partners at Shaw Sports Turf to finish the project on schedule and in time for the Spring 2021 baseball season!

Shaw provides a whole line of synthetic sports turf which caters to specific needs for the athletes that will be playing on the field. Multi-use fields like Fullers require multiple types of turf. For this application we suggested TruHop for the baseball portions and Momentum for the remainder. Cobb County also opted to have a product called HydroChill installed, which creates a cooling effect to the artificial turf. You can read more about Shaw’s line of turf HERE and the HydroChill technology HERE.

We worked closely with the team at Atlas and Cobb County and are grateful for our partnership with folks like Howard Bach. Mr. Bach shares a few words about his experience working with ASG on this project:

Square Footage of Fullers Park: 81,100
Location: Marietta, Georgia