Project Description

Square Footage of Baseball & Multi-Use, combined: 124,976 sq ft
Product: Legion 2.25 + TruHop by Shaw Sports Turf
Location: Atlanta, GA

After completing the renovation of Gresham Park, also in DeKalb county, ASG was tasked with renovations in 4 other parks in the county parks and recreation system.

Midway Park is home to a complex of several baseball, softball and one football/multi-use fields. ASG began by renovating the smaller natural turf baseball field with Shaw Sports Turf. Then we shifted focus to the multi-use football/baseball/soccer field that it neighbors. Both fields have been fully renovated using Shaw Sports Turf and will provide an easy-to-maintain and durable surface for the park. ASG is grateful to have spent much of 2022 and 2023 in DeKalb County.