Project Description

Square Footage of Baseball & Multi-Use, combined: 108,179
Square Footage of Football: 74,287
Square Footage of Soccer (2): 172,314
Product: Legion 2.25 + TruHop by Shaw Sports Turf
Location: Stone Mountain, GA

After completing the renovation of Gresham Park, Midway and Exchange Parks, also in DeKalb county, ASG was tasked with renovations to this large recreational complex in the shadow of Stone Mountain.

Wade Walker Park sits behind the YMCA and is home to a complex of several baseball, softball, soccer and football/multi-use fields. ASG began by renovating the two soccer field swith Shaw Sports Turf. Then we shifted focus to the football field nearby, and finally the large baseball field with multi-use field in outfield. All fields have been fully renovated using Shaw Sports Turf and will provide an easy-to-maintain and durable surface for the park. ASG is grateful to have spent much of 2022 and 2023 in DeKalb County, with possibly one more park to complete.