Project Description

Sandy Springs, GA
Product: TruHop/Momentum
Sq Feet: 61,000

Home to Sandy Springs Youth Sports, Morgan Falls Athletic Complex is comprised of 5 lower baseball and softball fields and 5 upper natural turf fields and one football field. The city of Sandy Springs contracted with Advanced Sports Group to renovate the infields of all 5 lower fields in the Spring of 2020, transitioning them to synthetic turf. Prior to the revitalization of the complex, rain delays or cancellations were common disruptions for games and practices. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent recreational sports season cancellation, it provided the perfect time for ASG to renovate these fields in anticipation of a fall season. ASG was glad to make the best of a tough situation and get to work while the fields were not being used!

Working with the Parks and Recreation department at the city of Sandy Springs, just outside Atlanta, ASG created 5 new fields using TruHop and Momentum from Shaw Sports Turf. We were able to finish all 5 fields in time for a fall 2020 baseball and softball season!

Our motivation is always the athletes and families who will enjoy the field and we were thrilled with the opportunity to attend a few Saturday morning games after the project was completed. We grabbed a few players, as well as the park scheduler and head of SSYS, for a few of their thoughts on the new fields.